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In a world of ever changing technology, it is essential to have the best IT services available to your company to ensure your competitiveness as well as your peace of mind. Having the right IT company will not only save you valuable time, but it will also save you money in the future.

ACU-COMP is that company. With years of IT experience, the team at ACU-COMP offers a variety of services and support at reasonable rates. The team is ready to work with you to create a customized service that will fit your company’s needs.

IT Assessments

Some of the biggest and most frustrating equipment problems for a company usually stem from IT issues. Network issues and errors can not only slow down production, but can cause irreparable damage to company files. ACU-COMP offers a comprehensive assessment by one of our talented staff members to ensure that you are receiving support and services that are fully customized and unique to your needs and specific technology vision.

    Our assessment includes:
  • Technology Management
  • Network Topology
  • Network Security
  • Courier Services
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Network Services
  • Network Applications
  • Cloud Services
  • PC Fleet

Cloud Services

ACU-COMP offers the latest in infrastructure technology with the Cloud; a tool many companies are now using to access their information from anywhere, at any time, securely and easily, allowing you to expand your business scope exponentially.

Hosting Services

ACU-COMP provides a variety of hosting services to accommodate your company’s needs. We cover everything from basic website hosting to cloud services; ACU-COMP will work with you to suit your unique hosting needs with a reliable staff and support team.

Network Security Services

Securing your company’s data is our top priority. With the constant danger of hackers, viruses, and other threats, having the best protection will not only save you money and headaches, but could ultimately save your business. You will meet with our consultants who will assess your system, expose your vulnerabilities, and most importantly, provide the solutions that will be most effective in keeping trouble far from your doorstep.

Courier Services

When you chose ACU-COMP you never have to worry about outside courier and transit companies not understanding the delicate nature and urgency of your IT requirements. Our own courier personnel are dedicated to providing safe and timely delivery.

Carrier Services

Choosing your carrier wisely is the best way to ensure your internet, phone, and other services are the best deal for your dollar. Our relationship with our vendors will guarantee you competitive pricing, giving you your best value. ACU-COMP will assist you in comparing prices and packages that will fit your needs.

Telephony Services

Even though you may do a great deal of your work through the internet via email and messaging, it is still important to maintain a direct line of communication with your clients and employees. Whether it’s video, phone conferencing, or a simple phone conversation, making sure that you have quality communication is key.

Virtualization Services

In our ever changing technological environment, virtualization is becoming incredibly useful in the office environment. It is not only a practical tool; using less hardware is better for the environment and ultimately better for your bottom line. ACU-COMP is dedicated to using the best technology to keep your company competitive in today’s market. Speak with one of our consultants to see what services are available.

Disaster Recovery Planning/Business Continuity Planning

Unfortunately there are times when even the most stringent precautions fall short and disasters occur - complete loss of networks, significant loss of important files and data, etc. ACU-COMP believes that being prepared for such events is the best defense against irreparable damage. Speak with one of our consultants to see what plan is best for you. ACU-COMP consultants will guide you through the unthinkable and assist you in getting back up and running as soon as possible.

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ACU provides high quality IT services for very reasonable costs, with business partnerships focused on what the customer wants rather than a list of cookie cutter packages. Read More.

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