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IT Security

Ensuring your companyís data security is a top priority. With the constant danger of hackers and viruses, having the best protection will save you money and headaches.

Hosting Services

ACU-COMP provides a variety of services to accommodate your companyís needs. We can cover everything from basic website hosting to cloud services.

IT Assessments

Some of the biggest and most frustrating equipment problems for a company usually stems from IT issues. Computing issues and errors can slow down production.

Cloud Services

ACU-COMP offers the latest in infrastructure technology with the Cloud; a tool many companies are now using in order to access their information from anywhere, anytime.

Virtualization Services

In an increasingly changing technological environment, virtualization is becoming the logical choice to consolidate any site with multiple older servers.


Staying connected to the world isnít just important to your companyís vitality, it is vital. Whether itís your basic email and messaging systems or putting together complex service tools, ACU-COMP is the answer for all of your IT needs. ACU-COMP believes in delivering high quality IT services in a reasonable fashion and putting our customer's needs first,